Nicolas Parent trio – TORI (2016)

Nicolas Parent : guitars & compositions
Guillaume Arbonville : percussions
Kentaro Suzuki :  double bass


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Nicolas Parent trio – MOMENTS (2013)

Nicolas Parent : guitars & compositions
Guillaume Arbonville : percussions
Tommaso Montagnani : double bass


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As if to better sublimate the subtle melodies of each title, the artist and his accomplices cultivate here to perfection, the art of silence so often forgotten in music ”

F i P


After the critically acclaimed and beautiful “moments” from his first album, Nicolas Parent continues to surprise us by digging a little deeper, always with sophistication, elegance and sensitivity.

Just like a bird (Tori, in Japanese), customary of large spaces, eager for discovery and devoted to its liberty; the trio takes us to new flights, from which emanates its authentic and original music.

We like to contemplate the beauty of the melodies, the richness of timbres, and the rhythms’ vitality. The delicate percussion and deep bass mingle perfectly with a silky classical or energetic electric guitar.

A guitarist with a wide stylistic palette, Nicolas reveals the magic of his art. Sincere improviser, in the image of his solos – recorded at the end of the sessions – raw and unadorned.

A discrete composer, he reveals the many facets of a strong personality, where his music is both plural and singular.

Surprising and subtle, this sequel opens the doors to his personal universe: a sound to a poetic world where time seems suspended.

© Mathieu Catonné