Nicolas Parent trio


Nicolas Parent - 2015


Using original compositions of guitarist Nicolas Parent as their artistic outlet, these three musicians will draw you in their universe: a world of subtleties and sincerity.

The project originated from the meeting of artists who shared common musical aesthetic visions and values. With a wealth of combined experiences and itineraries, they navigate from Jazz to all Improvised Music, and show no hesitation when it comes to borrowing elements from Folk, Afro, or Blues music. The heart and core of their music is “emotion”, the essence of their long personal musical quest.

It all started with Nicolas Parent writing his own compositions, and his deciding to put together this original and daring trio, along with getting support from Paris’ Young Talents.

Meeting with percussionist Guillaume Arbonville and double bass player Kentaro Suzuki created the band’s alchemy.

2010, selected for the final of the Jazz Festival at St-Germain-des-Prés (in Paris, France).
They were awarded a special honour from the jury for “Composition Originality”. The trio’s osmosis is perfect !

2013, their debut album came out, MOMENTS : recorded at Studios de Meudon and distributed by L’Autre Distribution. A complete success !

2016, their second opus TORI is a true success with critically acclaimed. It will take them on tour to Japan.

2019, new album MIRAGE out,  with special guest on cello : Vincent Segal.
On tour in France, Europe and Japan (2019-2020)

The trio continues to transport us, offering us a unique and personal jazz : a true invitation to travel.


The collective game of the trio often reaches a symbiosis of the most impressive “
“ A true musical imagination, rich and full of natures ”

J-C Colletto, D J A M



Kentaro Suzuki : double bass

After his career in jazz and improvised music in Japan, he went to France.
He has been studying contrabass with François Rabat, classic and electroacoustic music at Pôle d’Enseignement Supérieur de la Musique and Université Paris 8.

Composer and versatile musician, he collaborated on various projects : jazz, rock, improvised music, classical, baroque and world music. As a leader of his group Otoms, he participated in various artistic experiences: live entertainment, dancing, reading, martial arts, movies, painting exhibitions, sculpture…

He toured Europe with LouLouDjine, played with the Toulouse Baroque Ensemble, composed the soundtrack kieta-namida-nara-ten-ni. He recorded many albums with Otoms, Espira, Riko Goto Trio, Taca Shimizu Samurai, Samurai Taca Shimizu, Lena Circus, Haruinu Band…

Guillaume Arbonville : percussions

Drummer and percussionist, graduated from Music Academy Internationnal where he studied with Franck Agulhon, he is professional drummer since 2002 and TAMA drums since 2004.

He plays in Japan on a regular basis, as well as, all around Europe with : Blondino (Pop electro / Sony Music), L’orchestre du Slpendid (Jazz Village / Harmonia Mundi), Arkol (Rock / Warner), Epikoi Enkor (Young public), Lena Circus (Experimental), Riko Goto trio (Jazz), Miroda (Fado-Folk / The other distribution), Imaginary Africa (World, Minimal), Philippe Duquesne “Par hasard et pas rasé ” (Theatre)

His style of playing is based around the idea of pulse, as opposed to rhythmic repetition, and is characterised by a sense of freedom, nurtured by Jazz, Free Jazz, and Traditional Music. During all these years, he has played and recorded on more than 40 albums.

+ Vincent Segal : cello

as guest on the album MIRAGE

Listen to : Doux mirage + Songe d’automne