Nicolas Parent started music at the age of 5 by learning violin-alto (viola), making the switch to guitar at the age of 13.

He is a graduate of MAI (Nancy), the American School of Modern Music (Paris), Jazz Conservatory and also obtained a national state diploma.

He notably studied with Gérard Curbillon, Michel Perez, Philippe Macé, Peter Giron, Mike O ’Neil.
Master-Class  with : Avishai Cohen, Lionel Lueke, Scott Henderson, Sylvain Luc, Louis Winsberg, Pierre Bensusan.

Eclectic guitarist, Nicolas plays and records as a sideman for numerous bands :

Miroda (Fado-Folk), Cate Petit (Etienne M’Bappé/Bossa) Open-Road (Country), Assek (Rock), Sofia Nilson (Jazz-Blues), Chocolate (Funk 70’), Gabrielle Roda (French) Garwall (Metal), French-Delight (Jazz-Vocal), Cosmic 4tet (Fusion), Mystère Grande Seinpreisse (Musical Tale ) Margot Cassila (Pop-Jazz), Formol (Hip-Hop, Hard, Funk) Deer (Folk)…

He does music theatre work for the “Matador Company” (national tours in France), compose for short films and touring in Japan with his own TRIO

Artist and independent producer, his 4th album INTUITIONS will be available on March 31th, 2023 ; unique duets with YOM, Pierre Durand and Kentaro Suzuki (+ solos).
Out on Label L’intemporel and distributed by L’Autre Distribution in France and abroad.
His last albums : MIRAGE (2019), TORI (2016) and MOMENTS (2013) have been succesfull, released on the same label.

Nicolas Parent has the unquenchable desire to constantly refine his sense of aesthetic. In doing so, he has created a very personal universe, mainly putting the focus on his voice as a composer.

Nicolas Parent plays on SAVAREZ strings


•  Springboard Finalist  JAZZ AT GERMAIN-DES-PRÉS
“Special Recognition from the jury for the originality of the writing“

•  Springboard Finalist  JAZZ EN BAIE


•  Paris’ Young Talents  PARIS CITY HALL

Japan Tour • Radio France • France Télévision
Jazz à St Germain-des-Prés • Eclats d’Emails Festival
Sunset • Sunside • Baiser Salé • Studio de l’Ermitage
L’Onde • Le Tamanoir • Charleville Action Jazz…

“ The traveling beauties of this music, of a great melodic delicacy, carry us with it to summits where the air we breathe is a source of serenity ”



Crédits photos : © Aidan / © André Henrot