Nicolas Parent, INTUITIONS (2023)


Jazz-Bonus :
“Wonderful album, very delicate”
FRANCE MUSIQUE   Alex Dutilh, Open Jazz

” Not “one note” too much, just the thrill always right and modest (…) Nicolas offers with Intuitions the most beautiful proof of his great talent. Literally captivating ”
JAZZ NEWS  Bruno Guermonprez

“A lot of sincerity, a desire to listen to the music when he plays it”
FRANCE MUSIQUE  Seb Llinares, Guitare, guitares

“A thousand nuances makes this weightless journey so rich”

“An aerial and light album that lifts you beyond the clouds”  “Guitarist with minimalist lyricism”
LES D.N.J.  Jean-Marc Gélin

“Magical moments ! The result is here : superb and just sublime“
PARIS MOVE Thierry Doc Mac



Nicolas Parent trio, MIRAGE (2019)


Very beautiful… Wonderful album

Open Jazz’s High light
A very colorful music… A real imagination
FRANCE MUSIQUE   Alex Dutilh, Open Jazz

A pure talent to follow
JAZZ NEWS  Bruno Guermonprez

Top Jazz of the month

“The little music of this unclassifiable guitarist crosses the seasons, gently wandering, beautifully”
TELERAMA   Anne Berthod

The trio offers a contemplative music, deep, and a rare delicacy

An opus that will deeply mark 2019… ESSENTIAL”
PARIS MOVE  Thierry Docmac

Zen master Nicolas Parent, archangel of minimalist and atmospheric modal jazz whose abstract melodies evoke the big space

A musical world with a subtle and sophisticated aesthetic
CULTURE JAZZ  Yves Dorison

A very endearing record
BLOC DE CHOC  Pierre de Chocqueuse

“It’s not a mirage, it’s a miracle”
CITIZEN JAZZ   Denis Dessasis


Nicolas Parent trio, TORI (2015)


Album Jazz of the week ! ”

“ Beautiful music enveloping and captivating ”
FRANCE MUSIQUE  Nicolas Lafitte, La Matinale

“ Favorite album of the day ! Cantor softness ”
“ We find the inimitable dough Nicolas Parent ”
FRANCE CULTURE  Martin Quenehen, Ping-Pong

A summit of poetic sweetness ”
” Tori is a sensual ode to beauty ”
” The artist and his accomplices here grow to perfection, the art of silence ”


” Beautiful Album … Music is here for pleasure ”
” The development of the melodies through the charm of this album ”
” There is something very special in this Music ”
FRANCE MUSIQUE  Alex Dutilh, Open Jazz (Highlights)


Favorite Jazz album “


“ New travel, always full of poetry and modesty ”
” An invitation to escape… Some beautiful miniatures improvised solo ”
CITIZEN JAZZ  Olivier Acosta

“ A very poetic musical approach, any lightweight ”
” Subtle melodies charms adventurers ”

CULTURE JAZZ  Thierry Giard

Excellent, inspired guitarist and virtuoso without ostentation ”
“ A wonderful album … natural fluid, harmonious, Tori has enchanted us ”


“ A music both : fine, sensual and rhythmic … A book full of nuances ”
“ If the «blue note» really exists, it should look like what you can find on TORI ”

ZICAZIC  Fred Delorge

The collective game of the trio often reaches a symbiosis of the most impressive ”
“ A true musical imagination, rich and full of natures ”

D J A M  J-C Colletto

“ The traveling beauties of this music, of great melodic delicacy ”
“ Take us with her to the summits where the air we breathe is a source of serenity ”



“ A beautiful contemplative and zen album ”

“ A new album that makes hope for the best…  A depth and a life quite remarkable ”
JAZZ NEWS  Bruno Guermonprez


Nicolas Parent trio, MOMENTS (2012)


“ Amazing ! Very successful and interesting ”
FRANCE INTER  Elsa Boublil

“ Beautiful album… Fine composition ”

“ FIP Favourite Album of the Year ! ”
” A disc with delicacy ”

F I P  Milena Rousseau

“ Excellent musician… Beautiful breaths “
“ An instant favourite ! ” 

TSF JAZZ  Manu Galvin

“ Riveting compositions… A very beautiful first album  ”  ALIGRE  Eugénie Barbezat

“ Very beautiful climate… Very beautiful climate ”  RADIO CAMPUS  Bruno Guermonprez


“ Favourite Disc ! A subtle moments of atmosphere ”  LYLO
“ An ambiance maker… Wraps emotions ”  GUITARE XTREME MAGAZINE  Ludovic Egraz
“ An essential album when one is simply in love with beauty ”  BLUES & CO  Queen Lolo
“ Original music… Pure and benevolent acoustic ”  MONTICULE MUSIQUE  Noel Lopez
“ A great success… Very good sound “  MEDIATHEQUE MUSICALE DE PARIS  P.Lechevalier


“ These delectable Moments contain their share of precious instant ”  CITIZEN JAZZ  Olivier Acosta
“ A remarkable achievement… A bold project ”  LES DNJ  Tristan Loriaut
“ Invaluable and intense moments… A very talented young guitarist ”  ZICAZIC  Fred Delorge
“ A real knack for composing… accomplished and talented ”  LA REPUBLIQUE DU JAZZ  G. Kiossef
“ Fresh and poetic… A pleasant discovery ”  CULTURE JAZZ  Thiery Giard



” Let us go now to a much broader space; to another universe.
The universe of guitarist Nicolas Parent, whom has made a fairly clean and melodic disc that transports us from the Sahel desert and the far north, well, this is my interpretation. Here it is rather the Sahel.
The track called Zyryab , from which we chose a small sample, since the composition of this track is very, very long . But this piece deserves attention.
It is precisely this walk which gives the notion of expansion. Amazing ! Very successful and interesting …”

Elsa Boublil

On ne badine pas avec le Jazz

PB: ” We change the style now to discover the work from a French performer that is also a and what does not hurt , is a lullaby. ”
JB: “Yes, there is the very chic “Nuit pourpre” , from guitarist Nicolas Parent, and we dedicate it to those that are possibly still dragging themselves under the duvet !
JB: ” Nuit pourpre”, a fine composition from guitarist Nicolas Parent”
PB: ” An excerpt from his first album, entitled” Moments “(plural , with an “s”).
JB: ” Moments of calm and serenity , which he shares in this beautiful album , with bassist Tommaso Montagnani and drummer Guillaume Arbonville.”

Jérôme Badini
Patrice Bertin

Open Jazz

” And if you like “the Sunside Jazz Club”, well stay there. At least until tomorrow night, as this will allow you to listen to guitarist Nicolas Parent, who is extremely light, extremely fun, and entertaining.
A real juggler, I propose you listen to a piece here, as he will be at the Sunside in Paris tomorrow.
Accompanied by Guillaume Arbonville on percussions, Kentaro Suzuki on bass and naturally himself on guitar (…)
The opening it’s a piece by guitarist Nicolas Parent, extract from a disc in which you can listen percussionist Guillaume Arbonville and Tommaso Montagnani on bass.
It is precisely with Guillaume Arbonville on percussion, and also bassist Kentaro Suzuki that he can be heard tonight at Sunside ”

Yvan Amar

Mi La Ré Sol Si Mi

“A very nice atmosphere from guitarist Nicolas Parent in his first album as leader.
 So as you ‘ve heard, an airy music with beautiful breaths and delicate phrasing.
As always, I say that because this is very important, the artist is one thing – so Nicolas Parent is an excellent musician – and very well highlighted by the accompanying musicians, that is to say, Tommaso Montagnani in bass and percussion by Guillaume Arbonville.
The album from which this track is drawn is called ” Moments “, it was released in 2011.
I received this disc, and as we say, it was an instant favourite, that’s why I wanted to play it today. ”

Manu Galvin

Mi La Ré Sol Si Mi

“This is from his first album which was released in 2011 entitled ” Moments “.
This is Nicolas Parent who offers us, as you’ve heard, a pretty intimate universe with beautiful colours. Music that soothes, and in these days, that’s something good to have. I do not know if you agree with me, but in any case, there it is.
And if you’re interested, I take this opportunity to tell you that he will be in concert, so, Nicolas Parent next Saturday, that is to say June 1st, at 21:30 at the Barge Improviste. Barge which will dock, it would seem at 34 quai de la Loire Paris 19th.
So if you want to continue the adventure with Nicolas Parent, here is an opportunity.
I advise you to go because I think it will be a very good evening. ”

Manu Galvin

Liberté sur Paroles

On this first Monday of spring, day of transition into summer time, a chaotic emission wished you listen to the beautiful debut album of the Nicolas Parent Trio.
On this record, composed entirely by him and where, with William Arbonville in percussion and Tommaso Montagnani in bass, Nicolas deploys his guitar skills .
For the classically trained musician improvisation seems to correspond to a need to deviate for a moment to a “road less travelled”, a surprising and unconventional perspective, take a fresh look at the musical landscape.
Since it is actually talking about observation, from the first notes, one starts with the trio on a journey full of surprises and we take on the adventure: we invent plots, animals arise, and even fantastic creatures then… everything becomes quiet… or not!
Everyone is free over the tracks on the album “Moments” to make his movies. One thing is for sure: these compositions are captivating and was very difficult to get off the plane !

Eugénie Barbezat

Jazz & Co

“We come back a little bit to less agitated horizons, less dance-floor oriented, let’s say; with a beautiful album from the Nicolas Parent Trio I got a little while a go and which Nicolas Parent was kind enough to send to us.
We had already enjoyed a previous instalment that he had completely independently produced; we are in the pure self-produced here. I found that there was a very beautiful climate and beautiful environments. A guitarist that strikes pretty impeccable sounds; he is accompagnied by Tommaso Montagnani on bass and percussion by Guillaume Arbonville.
It’s an album that lives much like a road trip; the cover also evokes the great outdoors. We would be tempted to assume we would find a disc much like the Nordic Jazz, and finally it may be a bit more complicated than that and it suits him very, very well.
We will listen to “Premier Jour”, a composition by Nicolas Parent with his trio (…)
It was “Premier Jour” of Nicolas Parent Trio. A second album from this very, very talented guitarist who has a very sensitive and nice touch and a nice sense of atmosphere and climate. I find this disc is a success. All the compositions will take you far away.
There are some things that are somewhat easier than others but it is always done with taste and great sense of agreement among the three.
Nicolas Parent on guitar – on guitars because he uses several – Tommaso Montagnani on bass and on percussion Guillaume Arbonville. It is therefore self- produced. You might have to work to try to get it, but I think you might find it at some record stores, if you’re still going to those.”
Well, we’ll definitely won’t stop travelling in the Campus tonight: we were with Jim Hall in New York with Sonny Rollins under a bridge, under the Brooklyn Bridge; we were travelling with Nicolas Parent and then with Ralph Towner.”

Bruno Guermonprez


Skillful guitars from this Parent that distant (the noise), taken by the hand and fired a confident ear for a subtle moments of atmosphere. The image of travel applies here with obvious pleasure.



The new Jazz scene is fascinating, in that the ears of its protagonists, who, for the most part are between twenty and thirty years-old, have not only fed from jazz, but also from some atmospheric pop (Radiohead, Tortoise, Sigur Ros, among others). Nicolas Parent, a Parisian guitarist whose reputation continues to grow, is one of them.
An ambiance maker, Nicolas wraps emotions and presents them as small pictures, always with a fondness for a certain kind of minimalism, whether it is in modal harmonic frames of his compositions, or such as those found in the phrasing of his chorus.
These ethereal visions of music are not without evoking the wizard Bill Frisell (“Zyryab”, “Bang in Blue”, “Sunday Afternoon”), but also some Pat Metheny periods, and, in another register, the impressionist classical school from the turn of the 20th century (Claude Debussy, Eric Satie).
The magic formula of the trio with guitar (electric, folk or nylon) also brings the notion of space, which allows extreme flexibility between musicians (Nicolas is also accompanied by Guillaume Arbonville on percussions and Kentaro Suzuki on bass). A very nice disc, which will undoubtedly seduce all modern improvised music lovers.

Ludovic Egraz


Here’s a great jazz album. “Moments” is the work of Nicolas Parent in writing and guitar, Tommaso Montagnani on bass and Guillaume Arbonville on percussions. Here words are useless. Notes strung like a gentle spring rain.
Silky music, flowing to the example the piece “Brise légère”. A very beautiful album, I tell you. Everything here is luxury, calm and voluptuousness.
An essential album when one is simply in love with beauty. I would be interested in hearing the trio in concert !

Queen Lolo


This trio consists of Nicolas Parent in guitars, Tommaso Montagnani on bass and William Arbonville on drums.
Training structure altogether traditional serving original music with clean resonances artifice other than a pure and benevolent acoustics. Language seems improvised (but not too much) and borrowing here and there from folk, blues and any emotional essence to their own moment of sensitivity.
The album offers us ten touching musical moments ten “unplugged” classy moments.

Noel Lopez


Three young musicians from the Paris region whose originality is to weave throughout the album its air, space takes its place, the notes remain suspended in a clear calling for calm.
Rhythms play on the depth of “drums” between the stream of water and the roar of the storm rises, and finally, the notes from the guitar of Nicolas Parent brings calm by ethereal melodies. Bass mixes with the sounds of pulsating arpeggios and guitar while developing a game of its own.
A clearly perceptible additional way of playing, which often becomes the backbone of his training and enriches the way Nicolas Parent can leave notes and browse the maze suggested by the drummer / percussionist.
Note the very good sound, very dynamic.
A great success, which takes you back to memories of horizons , wide open spaces, blue skies, a great beach, emptiness, or as we observe the sea, quiet, dense, immense. To be recommended.

Philippe Lechevalier


A sense of calm and wholeness. That’s what springs from Moments from the first track. The music from the Nicolas Parent Trio is indeed a beautiful pause, a breath, in a musical landscape where the players have a technical level increasingly high and often complex becomes a virtue . The music here is simple, gentle and atmospheric. The focus was on finding atmospheres, and each title is an invitation to a dream.
For the most part of the time, Nicolas Parent superimposes the guitar parts but is always airy and aerial without saturating the space. The combination of acoustic and electric sounds (clear sound) is very successful and the musician accepts these organic colors in a wide range of woody tones. Plucked on the introduction of “When Dreams Come True “, the Middle Eastern accents in “Zyryab ” or the use of tablas on “Bise légère” are elements showing its willingness (and that of its partners ) to create a clean drawing on folklore traditions. With a darker colour to further expand the palette, the bass of Tommaso Montagnani just mixes a silky sound with the guitars, suggesting the melody where we move away from it to develop an accompaniment of parts that are flexible and full of roundness.
The sound of the trio, still in this colourist vein, owes much to William Arbonville in percussion , which also prefers woodlands sounds to metallic sounds . The cymbals are used to punctuate, or are used as gongs, but rarely for pulsating and instead in a minimalist way, like the beautiful “Premer jour”. The diversity of percussion used (Tablas , shakers … ) broadens the spectrum of expression, but it is above all, its fascinating approach of drums that reinforces the identity of the trio. He developed a kind of narrative and accompanies it in a very natural way.
These elements combined help to give the impression that we are in between, (with this collection of clean ballads), a comfort zone because the music intoxicates us and grabs us immediately; but the movements born from the work of the writing casts away any gloom, including in the most simple forms like the blues in ” Bang in Blue “, strongly influenced by the band’s universe.
These delectable Moments contain their share of precious instants: the small travel set sounds that Nicolas Parent sends us through beautiful sceneries, evoked under the blue light of dawn. Fragile and ephemeral are the set of magical few minutes that the night bows while the day is approaching stealthily seem set on this recommended album. Warmly.

Olivier Acosta


Built in full as an exciting road movie, this first instalment of the French guitarist Nicolas Parent is a remarkable achievement. A bold project, with soft hues of amber and rosewood.
From the beginning of the disc between the musicians are frequently installed with rhythmic madness and interactive games. The woody timbre of intertwined guitars causes an irresistible appeal to the travel of the senses. Immeasurable poetry emanates from each soaring melody. Through his bass, Tommaso Montagnani offers the trio a foundation for an amazing strength, permanently connected to the other by the precision in which he plays.
This trio uses the honourable legacy of jazz through recognizable cadences and rhythmic use of codes, such as in “Sunday Afternoon” or in “Bang in Blue”. Harmonious succession of chords tinted a deep dreamlike state.
Drummer and percussionist William Arbonville remains an internship guide to listening to others, knowing both control with fine nuances that give rhythmic replica calls to his buddies, varying most often by using different tones. A complete width of sound, slow exhalations and a correspondence that addressed noise issues is complete.
In “When Dreams come True” also interferes a bit of Africa, in resonant slam nylon strings and a certain lyricism recalling briefly the sub -Saharan musical culture.
The improviser intoxication introducing Zyryab also evokes a cultural part of that continent.
To define such a structure as a whole as a wonderful soundtrack of a melancholic film would probably reduce the importance of this art project. It goes without saying that the discovery of this album leaves no one indifferent.

Tristan Loriaut


In the series ” J’ai raté la sortie, mais il n’est pas trop tard… “, we received this disc that appeared in 2011. The fresh and poetic music of guitarist Nicolas Parent wants to evoke feelings and emotions. He manages to open the door of his universe for us to appreciate the delicate nuances with an indisputable instrumental mastery. A personal aesthetic that draws on the sources of the folk music, music of the world and the “soft” pop as well as jazz. A pleasant discovery.

Thierry Giard


Nicolas Parent, serene guitar…
Very nice, inspired, recently received album of the guitarist Nicolas Parent and his trio, which includes Guillaume Abonville on percussion and Tommaso Montagnani on bass.
Elegant, light and sometimes almost oriental melodies, punctuate this beautiful CD, to be listened in continuity, quiet, relax … spacey, daring expression!
The guitar climates range from acoustic to electrified, in a very subtle manner.
The musical journey that Nicolas Parent proposes is fine, takes his time, and ultimately brings us very far.
Far from the clichés, conventions and usual guitar “Jazz” codes.
There is a real knack for composing, with a original intent, accomplished and talented.
In the solitude of listening, so similar to that of reading, the climate, perhaps a bit nostalgic of this project, delivers all its flavour.
Nice musical moment that is reminiscent of the discovery of the first disc under the label ECM, what a joy to find a sense of freshness, so often absent in these sometimes dark times.
Nicolas Parent provides us with this project, called “Moments”, beautiful instants of luminous musical purity, unpretentious, with heart and generosity.
On Tuesday, January 14 at the “Sunset Jazz Club” 21 pm, you will be able to see “live” the quality of this musical approach.
Nicolas Parent trio “Moments” Distributed by “L’ Autre Distribution”

Georges Kiosseff


Young guitarist full of talent but also daring, Nicolas Parent is a composer
who does not hesitate to go beyond jazz to invite the public to other things , to an imaginary universe designed in form of travel but a journey that never bothers with unnecessary detail , focusing on a clean and yet sensual music writing …
Accompanied by Tommaso Montagnani in bass and percussion by Guillaume Arbonville, finalist guitarist at the Springboard Jazz of St Germain des Prés, recorded in 2011 his first album with Studios Meudon and managed to put in all the images born from his imagination, realizing at the same time a kind of perfect road movie in which all his many experiences at the discretion of his performances in the most beautiful rooms of the Paris region, help make these “Moments” particularly rich and intense.
The first notes, full of wisdom and restraint, end up taking a little more freedom and when scrolling through the “Silence”, “Sunday Afternoon”, “Premier jour” and “Ouverture”, the tone adopted by the Nicolas Parent Trio ultimately shows to be much more progressive than jazzy and achieves by openly inviting to his table, the acoustic simplicity of the instruments by the way he plays them, allowing for any technical effect to happen without any harm in the end.
The natural flow of melodies never makes the first album too smooth and the more we dive into his music, the more we said that the trio still has beautiful roads to explore. The future is on…

Fred Delforge


Springboard Jazz en baie du Mont-St Michel, like an excellent wine

Always true to the motto of Claude Debussy “You never discouraged enough young talent”, having prevailed this summer at national jazz competition of la Défense and the Springboard Jazz d’Avignon , Pascal Anquetil recurred by officiating for the first time as a juror at Springboard Jazz en baie (Lower Normandy ) . He came back excited and optimistic about the future of jazz in France (…)
(…) Category “Jazz Trio” In the final, four jazz trios in the competition and to designate a single winner. Hard, hard, hard. One of the trios, that of the guitarist Nicolas Parent, due to ‘hang-up’ as his bassist was Ossaka, Japan, he had to improvise , in the wake of Pat Metheny and Bill Frisell , a one – for -two unpublished Guillaume Arbonville , smiling , close, attentive and inspired minimalist as the drummer brushes to mallets (…)

Pascal Anquetil

Crédits photos : © Mathieu Catonné, © Solange Muntzer